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Annual Reports

Sunday School
Sundays @ 9:30AM
A time of study for kids, young adults and seniors taught by Pastors Steve and Jeff

Worship Service
Sundays @ 10:30AM
A time of praise and worship to Yahweh and a weekly sermon by Pastor Gary McConnell


Prayer Quilt
Wednesdays @ 10:00AM
A time of prayer for others in need while a handmade quilt is crafted for them as a gift

Adult Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 7:00PM
A time of study and spiritual growth led by Pastor Gary McConnell

Phase 3
Wednesdays @ 7:00PM
Moving forward in your walk, led by Pastor Stephen Bailey

Youth Service
Wednesdays @ 7:00PM
A time of study and spiritual growth for youth led by Pastor Ben Dulaney

Kids Rock
Wednesdays @ 7:00PM
An exciting service for kids where they learn how to walk in Christ.


Prayer & Praise
Tuesdays @ 9:00AM -10:30 AM

Be always on the watch and pray Luke 21:36 NIV

Prayer will be in the sanctuary with individual prayer & praise. There will bee a sheet at the door of the sanctuary to write down prayer requests and they will be put on the prayer chain.